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I'm a mission-driven product designer with a background in urban design & landscape architecture. I've spent the last 4 years working for some of the top landscape & urban design firms nationally, including numerous award-winning multi-million dollar projects. I have strong expertise in working with cross-functional design teams, understanding their diverse needs, and coordinating design decisions and project file hand-offs. I use my exceptional communication and visual design skills to craft engaging user experiences that also align with organizational and business goals.


Below you will see some of the projects I worked on beginning with graduate design work from my studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

In my recent work in UX design, I excel in rapid prototyping and crafting UI designs that are informed by the mental models of my target users. I pivoted to UX design because I really enjoy blending my expertise in visual design with my skills in research, writing, and design analysis. I love using my strategic thinking skills and deep understanding of users to iterate toward elegant designs and smooth interactions.


When I’m not designing, you can find me exploring local historical sites, museums, and architecture, or tending to my garden with my dogs.

Learn more about me below, but also do reach out to share your story. Connect with me on LinkedIn and check out my resume

I love to hike, bike, and learn new things as I explore

I believe design is...

a choreography of interactions and experiences

a challenge to the status quo

a question that acts as a lens for discovering new connections between systems

I read to imagine the world from different viewpoints so that my experiences are never static

I'm currently reading...

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Business Thinking for Designers

Ryan Rumsey
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Just Enough Research

Erika Hall

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