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Duarte, CA


8 acres



As a landscape/urban designer with MIG I was deeply involved in the phase 2 design from the DD through CD phases for the City of Hope Duarte Cancer Center Masterplan. MIG worked on both phases of the City of Hope Duarte campus, which began with the design of Graff Park and the Phase 2 component of Hope Plaza surrounding the new outpatient clinic building. The goal was to transform the entrance to the City of Hope Duarte campus into a serene, park-like setting at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. This was a coordination heavy project. Per our civil engineers the vehicular roads had a separate set of phasing and site boundaries in addition the 2 phases established between our team and the architects.


The landscape design for Hope Plaza uses drought tolerant and native planting with year round color to provide a calming and restorative environment for patients, staff, and visitors before they enter the bustling medical campus and new COH Cancer Building. Special attention was given to minimizing the visual impact of the parking areas, particularly the small surface lot at the northwest corner, ensuring a welcoming and tranquil “front door” experience. The new cancer center and adjacent parking facilities are scheduled for completion in 2024.


This site plan for both Hope Plaza and Graff Park coordinated materials and planting between the two design phases for the masterplan. The goal for this design was to offer a serene, healing garden environment, as well as areas for staff, visitors, and patients (if permissible) to gather. The design was carefully constructed with lots of iterations between plan and 3D to mock up the look and feel to ensure the project’s success and balance needs for efficient and functional vehicular traffic.

The entryway to the cancer center features a central fountain amidst a soothing stone garden, sweeping curved benches framed by privacy screening walls, lavender and drifts of agapanthus dwarf white plants. Boulders and stones mixed with plantings with white and purple color alongside lush and hearty lilies were used throughout the site to support a lively yet serene setting. 

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